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The Effects of Drain Revolution®

The effect of Drain Revolution® on the entire body after a session

The effect of Drain Revolution® on the face after two sessions

Drain Revolution® : 
Personalized Holistic Massage

**Lymphatic Drainage Massage Training is Very Popular**

When I introduced Belly Revolution®, a wellness massage, we achieved flat stomach results almost by accident, as it was not our primary goal. Prioritizing my clients' well-being, I wondered what full-body protocol would best meet their needs. Thus, Drain Revolution was born!

This allowed me to connect with the element of GENTLENESS and its INCREDIBLE ability to change bodies, inviting them to return to their original shape.

Doesn't water flowing over a stone change its shape? Gentleness creates great change.

In my observation: Stress, posture, lifestyle, environment, routine, and sedentary habits cause the body to enter a state of permanent contraction due to the restricted flow of its fluids and energy. Permanent contraction will eventually result in a non-original, adaptive body shape.

Examples: hunched back, bloated stomach, heavy legs at the end of the day, buffalo hump, double chin...

Drain Revolution® is not like other massages. It takes into account lifestyle, but especially the stress level and emotional state of the client.

For years, I have helped women feel better in their bodies, boost their self-esteem, and regain lost confidence. I've noticed that bodily changes happen much faster when the mind and heart are at ease.

You can give the best dietary advice and be the best fitness coach in the world with the most motivated client, but if her inner state is fragile, the results won't be lasting, and you risk REPROPELLING her into the infernal spiral of "I'm not capable, I'm worthless, I'll never succeed, it's not for me."

The internal state affects our circulating energy, our relationship with food, our physiology, and thus our weight.

How many times have I heard this sad phrase: "I will feel better when I am thinner."

Has society turned our brains upside down this much?!!!!

I have had many clients who, after cosmetic surgery that was supposed to make them feel "beautiful," found that their self-confidence did not improve.

Feeling good starts in the heart and mind, and only then can the body truly enjoy this internal state! Who is ready to get their brain back on track?

Drain Revolution® is not like other protocols: no.

It's a comprehensive approach to the well-being of our clients who come to achieve goals: to regain their figure and a body that suits them, to regain self-esteem and confidence, and to feel beautiful inside and out. Our philosophy is conveyed during the sessions: Take care of yourself so it shows on the outside...

We create a space where women can come to release emotionally and physically with gentleness.

At each appointment, we provide simple, accessible, and effective tools that, once integrated into their daily routine, can quickly make a difference.

Drain Revolution® is a training program created and implemented by a team of paramedical professionals.

This draining massage is created by women and for all women, of all sizes, weights, builds, and measurements!

Mental and physical well-being must be accessible to everyone!

Nothing is left to chance, from head to toe, arms, legs, stomach, back—every part of the body is addressed!

It's a session designed to be gentle and enveloping, with a few energetic sequences!

It's a protocol adaptable to the goals our client wants to achieve!

Do you want to focus more on the legs? Or perhaps the stomach and waist? That's fine, but not in just any way!

We support you 1000% during our training sessions and ensure that all gestures, philosophy, and understanding are mastered!

Massaging just to massage is a thing of the past.

Today, massage requires a dimension of connection to the other, to their story, and to their needs.

Are you looking to receive training?

Becoming a Drain Revolution® Practitioner & Trainer

This training is aimed at paramedics or wellness and beauty practitioners, as well as those who have initiated the process to become one.

However, the trainer training requires prior validation of an anatomy and physiology module to access the trainer level. This module will need to be completed on our online platform, requiring only an internet connection. The trainer level is now exclusively reserved for qualified healthcare professionals and licensed beauticians and is done by application only.

The Effects of Drain Revolution®
"The body regains its original shape."

Stress and inflammation lead to water retention that "distorts" the body; our method combines well-being and effectiveness: our clients rediscover their bodies!

Wellness interlude

Our clients relax, rest, and recuperate... They fall asleep every time!

"Reconciliation with one's image and body."

Rediscover personal esteem by making oneself a priority at all times.

Reduction in stress level

Rediscover serenity through the various exercises you can find on our platform.

L'effet du Drain Revolution® sur le ventre avant après

L'effet du Drain Revolution® sur le dos avant après

"I want to remind my lovely clients that the effects of this method are not systematic and largely depend on the hormonal cycle phase, lifestyle, diet, and many other factors. Results are sometimes exceptional when the body is ready to let go. We are not selling a miracle method but a moment of well-being. All these services are of a non-medical nature and are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, or cure of human diseases."


Drain Revolution® Practitioner Training Dates


Practitioner Session



13 & 14 July



13 & 14 July

Nadège Lévêque


Session Praticien



13 & 14 Juillet



13 & 14 Juillet

Nadège Lévêque

Becoming a Drain Revolution Practitioner

(You will be able to select a payment plan on the payment page)

practitioner training


Two-day training to become a practitioner of Drain Revolution®

Free Bonus : Curve Revolution

Applications to become a Drain Revolution Trainer are based on motivation. We invite you to send us your resume and a cover letter in advance to contact@mygoddessrevolution.com.

Training Schedule

Day 1/2

  • Welcome
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Introduction to the Training
  • Self-Massage Tools
  • Theory (Anatomy and Physiology)
  • Stress Test
  • Theory (Nutrition and Emotions)
  • Massage Demonstration
  • Pairing up for the first practical session

Day 2/2

  • Welcome
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Answering any Questions
  • Massage Practice with a New Partner
  • Focus on Arms, Legs, and Back
  • Creating a New Pairing for a Full Massage Practice
    Detailed Explanation of the Protocol
"Who am I?"

Marine Cayol

GODDESS Revolution® CEO

"I created Drain Revolution® to distinguish myself with a unique and unprecedented protocol that encompasses holistic care: mind, heart, body. Being thin to be fashionable is long gone, and even the movement like Ashley Graham's 'being a perfect fat' is already outdated for me: the pressure on all women, the thin, the skinny, the fat, the normal, it's over!

To change the world by creating a tsunami of empowered and confident women to build a healthier, serene world without judgment, comparison, and devaluation. To change the world's perspective on women's bodies."

my customers


"Second Drain Revolution session this morning. Again, an immediate sensation of lightness, what bliss. My face and arms have deflated, my waistline has decreased, and a back bulge has disappeared. Feeling super comfortable in my clothes. Results are just mind-blowing. Oh, I forgot to mention, but I keep peeing non-stop."


"I've known Marine for a long time, and I love her sessions for her special attention. I wanted to try the new protocol... I'm hypersensitive to changes in my abdomen due to my cycle; during ovulation, my belly swells up threefold due to water retention, every month. I have some intestinal issues with sharp pains during the day... After the massage, I feel like I've found my body again; the results are unbelievable, and I feel so RELIEVED. Thank you, Marine."


"Marine listens to our difficulties and what we want to work on. She has a caring and comforting approach.

The massage part alternates between gentle moments and energetic moments. I felt light after the session, and it feels incredibly good!"

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